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Financial Tech

TRIPLE POINT LIQUIDITY: Focused on simplifying and speeding up the process of onboarding investors to private equity and hedge funds as well as fundraising for general partners to bring investors into their funds.

Examples below are prototypes of select features for General Partners, Limited Partners (investors) and Fund Administrators, all created in Figma.

Social Media Content

TOPIX: Backend tools are absolutely critical in helping create the best possible designs you’ve created for public-facing products that require frequent publication of new articles, quizzes, slideshows and whatnot.

For example, truly effective CMS tools rely heavily on user data of content to help increase ad revenue, session time length, completion rates and more, and UX flows and features have to be updated regularly in the CMS to improve new content and as well as increase performance on existing content already in circulation.

Examples below are mocks for CMS tools that generate various types of slideshows, quizzes, articles and more, all created in Sketch.

CMS: Article Creation, With Mobile Preview In Right Column

CMS: Slideshow Creation, Top Meta Data, Individual Slides Below

CMS: Quiz Creation, Top Meta Data, Individual Questions Below

CMS: Quiz Creation, had to be flexible to switch between 10 quiz types

Article generated by one of the Topix CMS tools

The Topix home page that displayed the variety of content generated by its suite of CMS tools


BLEKKO: Blekko was a niche search engine that existed from 2008 to 2015 at which point it was acquired by IBM. Blekko was known as "Spam Free Search" in which a much smaller search index was made available to users (smaller than Google's but much higher quality) with tools to help mould a search environment that best fit their needs.

I was Director of Design and Product Management in my 5 years there. I designed all UI and UX for all features and products for the company. Below are screenshots of various tools created at Blekko for slashtag management and creation.

The first video gives a brief explanation of the Blekko product.

Slashtag editing tool. Users could create their own slashtags with their preferred sites already contained within the Blekko index.

Blekko built a suite of tools that made public SEO information about any URL, something Google has never done

Work History

Triple Point Liquidity

04.2021 – Present

Head of Design


05.2015 – 02.2020

Director of Design


12.2009 – 01.2015

Director of Design


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